Correctus® - The Natural Way
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With a daily use of CorrectusBack you attain:

  • Relaxation of tense and contracted muscles and tendrons.
  • Right tension of tendrons and muscles
  • Intervertebral discs and vertebrae gets their normal function/position
  • The circulation is optimated, nutriment supplied, dross taken away
  • Movability in the whole spinal column is normalized. See: CorrectusBack

BioAcu® is an unique instrument for diagnosis and treatment. It´s the only instrument in the world, that will find the acupuncture- or energypoints without at the same time change their qualities and thereby possibly block the treatment. After a performed treatment you can see and verify the result at once with BioAcu. It´s also an excellent instrument for diagnosis of the total distribution of energy in the human body.

BioRadiance® is used for treatment of quite large surfaces. For instance on the back, shoulders and large muscle areas, BioRadiance is the best instrument. It´s suitable for treatment of large skin areas on burn injuries and eczema, and can contribute strongly to recovery after operations. It´s also very good in all physical training and to cure and mitigrate injuries. Compared to BioMulti, BioRadiance treats the same area ten times faster. It´s also suitable for treatment of big animals like dogs, calves, cows and horses.

BioCombi ® harmonizes the body´s bioenergetic microcirculation by acting on acupuncture points. Treatment is carried out with the help of pulsating light. The whole spectrum of light from blue to red and also infrared is embraced by seven different diods: blue, green, yellow, orange, red, infrared and infrared LASER.
There are 112 different pulseforms, that can be combined and adapted exactly to the need of the patient.
BioCombi gives a pleasant treatment of points and reflex zones, for instance i the ears, and general acupuncture points and in therapy of the foot zone. It is specially suitable for the treatment of children and sensitive persons.


BioMulti ® is suitable for use on larger surfaces. Only infrared light is used. There are 112 different pulseforms, that can be combined and adapted exactly to the need of the patient.
The foremost advantage of BioMulti is that it treats large surfaces, for instance the face, ears, hands and the sole of the foot.