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Sleeplessness and stress

Stuttering and dyslexia

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Sleeplessness and stress

During our life we oscillate between wakefulness and sleep. When awake our thoughts come and go in a more or less controlled flow. When our control, our power to direct the thoughts ceases, sleeplessness and stress arise, among other things. Difficulties to fall asleep, often waking up, nightmares, sleep with bad quality often are descriptions of sleeplessness. The direct cause of bad sleep is the everboiling pot of thoughts coming and going.
If you have tried different sleeping pills (plus side effects), you understand that even if the sleeping pill worked satisfactory, it´s still only an adhesiv on the wound, it isn´t near the causes of the sleeplessness. The Correctus Method trains your power of thought to be controllable again and under your own control.
One question still remains to be answered. Why have we lost the control over the flow of our thoughts?
I believe, I´m convinced that the foundation for our sleeplessness was laid already in our early childhood. As a child we experience the world througt our sense organs, which give the sensation. Later we learn a language, we put labels on everything, things and feelings. We abandon the real world for a ”world of representations”. The child translates with the help of grown ups and the environment they live in the real world to a world of representations, a dreampicture, a dreamworld that in time is taken to be the true world. We really, everyone of us, live in his world of representations, in his own fantasyworld. But try to give this conception a new meaning. (Now think: If we all live in a dreamworld and are sick and unhappy, why not dream of a happy world of representations without sickness).
But back to the world of representations that harass us. When this world of representations is questioned, overloaded, gets into conflicts, it becomes filled by chaos. The result is an abundance of psychosomatic ills like sleeplessness, stress, "going into the wall”, and the evil merry-go-round only gets worse.
I have just described the problem and the cause. A thousands of years old saying reads: ”He who can curb his world of thoughts is free”. Many masters have said this. My discovery is the Correctus Method and the tool CorrectusBack, which gradually leads you from chaos to health, both physical and psychic. (This page in pdf)
Of my way and insights you can read in the text Stuttering and dyslexia. Many authors have written about the child´s passage to the adult´s world of representations.

Said by patients:
”I go to sleep and wake up without a clock according to the programming I gave myself before I went to sleep.”
”For fun I can now, to show myself that I can do this, take a nap when in the subway, on the train or in the airplane. A strange thing is, that I wake up precisely before the air stewardess comes with coffee.”


”This function is gradually developed in the little child when it starts to separate itself from the surroundings. The child lives in the beginning in an unconscious wholeness. It experiences no boundaries between itself and the world. The child has all knowledge, but it´s unconscious of this – it is the knowledge. It has no language with which to transfer the knowledge. The paradox is, that the more the child learns a language, the more the wholeness is broken into pieces.
At a certain age, as a rule around seven years old, the child begins to see the world through the concepts it has learned to think in. It no longer experiences the manifestation we call a tree, it sees a tree. The words divide and diminish the existence. The primordial state becomes a dream far away. It lies like background noise, like a song heard long ago. It´s the vague memory of this state that nourish all our longings all through life.”