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Sleeplessness and stress

Stuttering and dyslexia

To think freely



To understand how good and bad habits influence the content of your subconscious is the key to the understanding of your actions and to the control of them.

To act rightly

Heredity, education and the society have imprinted us to be what we now are with all our good and bad habits. An individual who wants to influence his/her life, actions (to stop smoking, drinking, stuttering, to appease or cure psychosomatic diseases (See: Sleeplessness and stress), take care of the health, develop inherent abilities and much more) can do this with the help of CorrectusBack and Autosuggestion.

To think freely

Free thinking is the absolute condition for a true democracy. With freedom of speech and media people with much money can influence our thinking and action in the direction they want.

Sleeplessness and stress

If you are awake, think and have thoughts going at random – then you don´t sleep. If you don't think – then you sleep. It's as easy as that. Stress gives even more disorder and chaos in your world of thought. The primary goal of this site is to show how you in mature age can take control of your own world of thought. The psychic inability to meet and not be able to handle everyday situations are different primary causes to sleeplessness and stress,

Bad backs

Too many people have problems with their backs (See: Dr.Sarno). Psychic inability. lack of mental control, not being able to handle everyday situations are again the primary causes to most diseases of the back and other psychosomatic diseases.

Overweight / Fatness

Mental control is the pre-requisite to be able to remove psychosomatic diseases. You can mitigate or cure all your psychosomatic diseases with mental control. Overweight/Fatness is very much a psychosomatic disease. Mitigation and cure can be reached when you take back mental control and so also control over your actions.

The change

The change never stops, the change is eternal. Who are you who reads these pages? What you will be tomorrow depends to a great extent on what you do today. Whom I am, you can read here.

Mental culture

When you have reached a good mental culture with the following characteristics: you can go to sleep when you want, wake up when you want and you have a sleep with high quality. You can then better your quality of life futher. In a many thousand years old tradition you may find advises and instructions. Yoga and the teaching of Buddha are some examples.


Trust yourself. Try to see your own qualities and lacks as clearly as possible. You have read this site and understood it after your best capacity. You understand that you don't have to go any "selfrealisation" courses, you save both money and time. You can use your own capacities half the way – to get rid of minor failings. But if you are extremely exposed to difficulties, then you may get help through my courses. If you have a family and children, then it's of greatest importance and your most important task to help your children to create conditions to be able to live in their own free world of thought.


© Stephan Tomac. For the content of these pages am I, Stephan Tomac, sole responsible. For the interpretation are you as a reader with your capability to understand responsible.


Life is a process in change. Five dragons symbolize five elements in the change. Harmonious combinations of forces leads to health. Disharmony leads to sickness.