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Sleeplessness and stress


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Bad backs

Dr. Sarno

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For whom?

For whom?

Who can benefit by the Correctus Method and CorrectusBack?
An individual who believes that he thinks his own thoughts, that he is uninfluenced by advertisments, religious or political propaganda needs neither CM nor CB (See: Autosuggestion).

Everyone else, who understands that he hasn´t the ability to think for himself and that he is influenced by advertisments and religious and political propaganda, may have use of CM and CB.

You need understanding of the way I describe, which is watchfulness/attention through relaxation. In addition to understanding you need the insight that the way you shall go must be trodden with your own power and with endurance.

An individual who has enough understanding and insight in CM and CB will make progress. Some individuals need longer practice and other shorter to reach their goal. Insight is the key – exactly in the same way as with AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) the insight ”I am an alcoholic” is the absolute condition and first step to become a sober alcoholic. In exactly this way the insight ”I am eacily influenced. I am exploited, from now on I will do all I can to be free to think my own thoughts!”

All who suffer from different diseases as a result of bad conduct of life, bad habits maybe also can be helped by CM and CB. As the causes and maintenance of different diseases lie in bad habits, it is easy to understand that the removal of the causes unconditionally eliminates the effects – the diseases.

Consequently the first steps to physical and psychical health are to remove the causes of psychosomatic diseases such as bad sleep and stress, bad backs and overweight/fatness.

Bad sleep and stress

If you can´t easily go to sleep, if you suffer from troubled sleep, disturbed dreams, if you sleep badly and is generally stressed and has no time to feel happy in life, then you need help. The Correctus Method can maybe help you once and for all.

Bad backs
A recurrent bad back indicates that you can´t permanently solve your problems. Read about Bad backs and The Correctus Method and also the views of SBU.

If you are dissatisfied with your weight or really are overweight (or fat) according to BMI, if you have yo-yo-banted several times, then it´s highly justified once and for all to attain your ideal weight and form.

Estimate your weight according to BMI and look up your personal value in the table. Keep in mind that a higher value indicates a higher degree of fat in relation to other tissue. It´s with the fat and consequently the weight that the Correctus Method can help you.

Psychosomatic diseases start and are maintained through your psychical inability to meet your environment and earlier experiences rightly (in a for you profitable way). The Correctus Method and CorrectusBack may be able to help you once and for all.

What to do now?
Understanding and insight is the foundation. You develop this through reading and rereading this site. If you want to deepen your insight further, you can announce your interest by e-mail.

See also: Instruction.


Psychosomatic states are unnecessary, every individual has resources to relieve or cure his/her unpleasant state.

It only takes longer without the right help from without.

The list of psychosomatic diseased states is a long one …