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Dr. Sarno

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The primary cause of bad health is in the lifestyle – bad habits.

Good/bad habits have three characteristic phases:

• Learning/impression in an early age
• Maintaining of the habit
• Their consequences
Learning/impression in an early age
Heredity and environment are the foundations for our learning of behaviour, which gradually becomes our habits. If we in an early age learn to eat much sweet stuff, drink sweet drinks or alcohol, smoke and eat unhealthy food, we fortify bad habits that can follow us all through our life. Habits from early life are rockfast, the consequences also. During learning in childhood and youth we are shaped physiologically and psychologically, the good/bad habit becomes a part of our personality.

Maintainance of the good/bad habit
With age our capacity to learn declines more and more. Understanding and critical examination increase instead. Environment and circumstances maintains, stabilizes, fortifies the habit. We still learn, but only new subjects, new occupations, not anything that is in conflict with what we have impressed earlier. We have a difficulty to change our old impressed bad habits. The intellectual och ethical insight we think we have reached is not enough to make us give up tobacco or alcohol. The desire, the longing for consolation through food, tobacco, alcohol, the expected rewards almost always wins over our reason!

Consequences, the objective criterium
Instrumental measument of certain parameters, which are proved to have connections with the consumption of alcohol, tobacco and bad habits, is an objective criterium. BCA shows directly the disproportions between fat, muscle mass and water in the body, which often is a direct consequence of bad eating habits och lack of exercise. Lung cancer is often a consequence of tobacco use and livercirrhosis of overconsumption of alcohol.

As a negative / bad habit takes root and is cemented in an individual, the damages
on the individual, the family and the society become greater and greater.

The person who is possessed by a bad habit loses his/her judgment and freedom
of decision and all the time strives to satisfy his/her desires at the expence of
others. The own satisfaction only counts, the empathy is totally gone. (This page in pdf)