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An exercise in attention/watchfulness

(start by reading the following instructions):

Make up your mind: Now I am going to train my attention.
Look at and follow the point (the movement of the pendulum) with your eye.
Now follow it with your thought, synchronize the movement of the point with your eye
(Note that your thought shall be in the point, in the movement of the point, neither before or after)
As soon as you discover that the thought isn´t together with the eye in the movement of the point, interrupt the exercise.

NOTE1 In your thought you may be before or after the point in time, or your thoughts may have gone anywhere. If this is so, interrupt the exercise. You may repeat the exercise many times every day, but not more than three times every attempt. You should be attentive, but without excerting yourself, just as you as a child learned to bicycle.
It´s an advantage if you create a habit of your exercise in attention. Everyone of us is a combination of a lot of good and bad habits. We must sort out bad habits and strengthen our good habits and create new. But first we have to understand what good and bad habits are.
See: The power of habit and practise.

People who are interested in personal mental development try different methods to attain their goal. Only a few reach it.
There are many factors that must be carried out for a successful process of concentration and meditation.
The basic condition to be wholly healthy and not just without symtoms is to live in both physical and psychical harmony.
The condition to be able to develop mental and psychic capacities and abilities is the more depending on physical and psychical harmony.

Right understanding, right feeling and right practice are both the way and neccessary components.

Practice makes perfect!
This is an old proverb which we all recognize. But right practice is what counts. To practice correctly you must have competent guidance. Without this every individual must take his life in his own hands and understand and recognize his own possibilities.
Every individual behaviour is based on learning. What it is all about is to recognize what I as an individual have/am here and now and what I want to become tomorrow. Just like the ability to speak a languare or sing must and can the ability to concentrate and meditate be created through right practice.
Through regular practice of attention you will finally attain a stable presence of thought in the movement of the pendulum . To develop your power of concentration and meditation you need more advanced exercises. Contact me if you are interested.


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