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CV Stephan Tomac

Stuttering and dyslexia


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CV Stephan Tomac

The purpose of this CV is to give a short account of myself and something of what I have done.
I´ve lived, thought, experienced and taken care of my feelings to the best of my ability.
So I´m going to describe some of the events in my thoughts,
something of the history of acupuncture in Sweden and connect this with what I work with today.
I was born in former Yugoslavia in 1939, just before the outbreak of the second world war. Memories of the war are imprinted on my earliest childhood.
Of my school days and my stuttering you can read in Stuttering and dyslexia. My distrust of the world of the grown ups and the authorities is founded already in those days. My only finished studies in the ordinary school were in the Higher Technical School in Zagreb, where I studied electricity and mechanics. Later I studied medicine, linguistics, indology, sinology etc, but didn´t pass any examination. I started my studies with a certain idea, hope – until I discovered that this wasn´t what I expected and jumped off. I was more interested in private studies. I went in for athletics, always in individual sports such as judo, karate, fencing, shooting. My goal always was to attain self-knowledge, not to win some competition.
In the beginning of the 1960s I managed to leave my old country illegally and went to France, which was a leading country in acupuncture since George Soulié de Morant wrote books and founded the School of chinese culture and acupuncture. With delight I left the the school medicine, which I called ”plaster medicine”, which mostly took care of diseases after they had broken out. I put all my powers into acupuncture. Traditional acupuncture contained all that was needed, preventive treatment and curative. I had the best teachers you could think of. The basic thing was to develop the power of my senses and then with the collected facts follow a thousands of years old working hypothesis which inevitably lead up to expected results.
In France the treating physician had a total responsibility for his treatments, whatever they were. The faculty of medicine is a source of knowledge leading to certification as Doctor of Medicine. In Sweden this is totally different. Here we have a monopoly. Only schoolmedical personnel, laid down by law, should cure the diseased and get paid from the Insurance office. To cure should also be done according to ”science and approved experience”. I should respect physicians more, if they ”mitigated and cured without secondary effects”, but nobody cares about my point of view.
Being the first practician of acupuncture in Sweden I had enormous problems. Even the word ”acupuncture” was unknown to physicians and the general public.Some patients who came to be treated expected that I should ”inject some material with the needle” in different parts of the body. The needle was associated with ordinary syringes. I was so young and naive (in the end of the 60s and the beginning of the 70s) that I wanted to treat with a guarantee. Which meant that I should only get paid if I got results, in the old chinese way. It´s strange, when I think about this, that patients from that time still are among my friends after more than 35 years, if they haven´t died of old age.
In the view of the physicians and the ministry of health acupuncture was a humbug. The acupuncture points didn´t exist, even less so the meridian system. I was in despair, crushed by media and TV. Especially since I had treated a deaf girl, not yet eight years old. Not being a physician I had no right to treat children under eight years of age. That a medical examination showed some improvements after my treatments didn´t count. I was sentenced to pay a fine. A still greater outcry occured when I performed the first painfree delivery with acupuncture in the world. Taste this. I enjoy myself when I now, more than thirty years after the event, say to a young assembly: ”I performed the world´s first painfree delivery with acupuncture”. Some who think they know more then use to say: ”This isn´t possible, acupuncture is a many thousand years old method”. The expressions of others show that they think: ”He is only showing off!” But here is the story. Nixon visited China, which was the opening up of the West towards Mao´s communist China, but also China´s opening up to the West. TV showed pictures where patients ate an apple and simultaneously were operated on. We were told, that the secret was that treatment with acupuncture and faith in Mao´s people revolution. The secret was complete, because the chinese had covered the patient with a sheet, so you couldn´t expose which points were stimulated and in what way. The pressure from the public was enormous, both to get treatment and to learn acupuncture.
In the autumn of 1972 I started acupuncture training for a mixed group (about twenty), some nature therapists, two dentists and a physician. On my waiting list there were several thousand patients. Women´s-right was on the march, and painfree delivery should be a right. A journalist from a weekly asked me, if I could perform a painfree delivery with acupuncture. I hesitated, but said I should accept, if she could find a psysician who would cooperate. And so it came to pass at Södersjukhuset, a hospital in Stockholm, in 1973. My hesitation was due to my absolute ignorance of the selection of points and ways to stimulate.
But I reminded myself, that operations with acupuncture in China weren´t performed according to the old principles of acupuncture. It isn´t natural to cut a patient without him/her feeling the pain. To deliver a baby is natural, to deliver with normal pain is a natural thing too. On the other hand, a pain that much exceeds the normal individual pain threshold can have devastating consequences on the relation between mother and child. The causes to the great pain can be many, but it´s often fear, unwanted childbirth, family problems etc. So it was clear to me what I should do. I can with the help of the right individual choice of points subdue anxiety to a degree, so pain doesn´t emerge. If some pain should appear, I can subdue it or counteract it totally. I can simultaneously reduce muscle tensions and increase relaxation, joy and positive expectations. And so it happened. I called it Harmonious delivery – but in vain. The journalist and ”women´s-right” wanted only painfree delivery. The media were enthusiastic, newspapers and TV flourished in the news about painfree delivery, but the Ministry of Health was on the war-path. The physician cooperating with me planned a larger series of treatments to scientifically establish how and if acupuncture can be advisable in deliveries. But after that everything became silent. The abovementioned physician never had time to answer my phone calls. Ten years later I met him at the Medical Congress in Stockholm (where I exposed my acupuncture instruments), and then I got an explanation. He got verbal and written threats from many quarters ”to stop dabbling in quackery”.
Well, what about ”the world´s first painfree delivery with acupuncture”, published in many languages all over the world. Both yes and no. For 5000 years the chinese tried to keep their health and stop diseases with acupuncture. Nobody was ill enough to get the idea to take away the natural pain of a delivery. What was needed was the spirit of our time and stupid me, who didn´t understood better.
Encounters with the authorities and not understanding the work of the media made me downhearted. I doubted myself and questioned my choice to stop my medical studies and not becoming an ordinary doctor of medicine. But one day I suddenly understood. All my patients came from the monopolized allpowerful medical service – and they hadn´t been helped there. The common care of the sick was free of charge then. But patients came to me of their free will and paid my fees. I treated their patients. So I have mitigated and cured the patients they couldn´t help. Understanding of and insight in this made me free and happy, it´s better to really be able to mitigate and cure instead of being a plaster physician.
Still I wanted to introduce acupuncture in the common care of the sick. So I developed some instruments that could find the acupuncture points and measure electric phenomena in the points – the meridians. Professor Lindahl cooperated in certain clinical controls when we treated with acupuncture. We thought, that if we could statistically guarantee the effect of acupuncture by some diseases, acupuncture should come in its right light with the authorities. We succeeded to prove the effect of acupuncture with a doubleblindtest. But to no avail. That acupuncture gets good results, proved without doubt with duoubleblindtests, wasn´t of any interest.
Years later the endorfines and their property to reduce pain was discovered. And suddenly the mechanism of acupuncture is explained and accepted. As if apples didn´t fall before the discovery of gravitation.
Now (and I write this 2004) all is worse than ever. Suffering, people out of work and a lot of diseases. It´s obvious that the care of the sick has failed. It´s obvious that the ”production” of diseases by far surmounts the collected preventive and curative possibilites to mitigate and cure. It simply is something systematically wrong in our country.
If you have been hurt or got some disease in the environment you live in, and can´t get help from the common care of the sick or what is left of it, maybe you have the possibility to choose. To submit to the situation you live in or seek help outside the system. The help you maybe can get from us, who work in the periphery of the established system, you have to find for yourself, and of cause pay for. In the payment is included 20 % tax. This is how it is.
I should like to set a good example and work with a security guarantee (See: For whom?). This ought to be a good thing especially for clients/patients. I also have another idea worth testing. I´ve heard that the court of law sentenced the insurance authorities to pay for medical attendance abroad, if the same care couldn´t be provided i Sweden. Someone working in the insurance authority ought to understand the simple mathematics here, it´s much cheaper to pay for an effective cure than for putting people on the sick list. It ought to be better for the country to pay for only those treatments that demonstrably leads to mitigation or cure, and it doesn´t matter who have performed the treatment.
For the present it´s my conviction, that a real and healthy change in our society can come about only through and from the individual and not through democracy, revolution, terror or thorough just doing nothing.
Finally some interesting events of significance for the development of the BioHarmonizer Concept and the Correctus Method and of cause for my personal development.

I come to Sweden, the beginning of acupuncture in Sweden and other nordic countries.
Perform, in Södersjukhuset, a hospital in Stockholm, the first painfree (harmonious) delivery in Sweden.
Start the first training in acupuncture in Sweden.
Develop Aku 1002 , a computerdirected instrument system for evaluation of electrical properties in the skin.
The first doubleblindtest with acupuncture (at the University Hospital in Linköping with professor O. Lindahl,
Docent L. Tybing and L. Lindwall) of certain diseases and as anaesthesia (?).
Further development of Aku 100 for increased precision and simplicity.
Develop Aku 256, a computerdirected instrument for synchronous measurement of 256 different points.
Invent ZHI QI DIAN, the first hand-instrument for localizing and measurement of energy points without treatmentblockading disturbances.
Invent Aku 64, an epoch-making instrument for diagnosis and treatment. Aku 64 evaluates connections between points in the meridian system, treats disturbances in the energy system and makes clear the effect of different forms of treatment, such as electrical stimulation, LASER, IR needles, moxa etc.
Develop Aku 32, a new clinical method for diagnosis and treatment of energy disturbances.
Complete the development of the BioHarmonizer Concept and its hand-instrument with an infra-red treatment modul (?).
Introduce BioAcu, BioCombi, BioMulti and BioChampion, a series of hand-instruments suitable for particular therapeuts.
Investigate, with professor O. Lindahl, the effects of treatment based on acupuncture diagnosis with electrical measuring apparatus.
Further develop BioRadiance, an instrument for diagnosis and theraphy for treatment of larger skin surfaces, useful in both human and veterinary medicine.
Develop BioHarmonizer II, an instrument for computerbased energy diagnosis and treatment.
Develop BioCoordinator, an instrument for diagnosis and rehabilitation of muscle injuries.
Further development of CEMGA, an instrument which shows the effects of rehabilitation training.
Enlarge the BioRadiance instrument with an inbuilt microprocessor and a computerized program for treatment.
Invent MegaScan, a 16-canals, extremely fast instrument for sampling of biological reactions.
Develop BioAccess2000, a computerbased complete measurement system for the BioHarmonizer method.
SYMSOL, a computerbase with 31000 medical symtoms and 639 remedies.
Further development of SYMSOL++, a computer program especially written for nature therapists, acupuncture practicians, homoeopathists etc.
Invent CorrectusBack, a treatment seat for relaxation and streching of muscles and tendrons and increased mobility etc.
Further development of the Correctus Method and its four basic pillars. The synthesis of experience, instruments and tools is now available as a form of treatment and as training. (This page in pdf)

Stephan Tomac


Stephan Tomac i sin dotters ögon.