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The CorrectusMethod

CV Stephan Tomac

Stuttering and dyslexia


For whom?

The CorrectusMethod

The Correctus Method is composed of four parts

  1. Interview and information, that deepens the understanding and insight of how good/bad habits arise, are maintained and cease. The consequences of negative actions are illustrated and made clear.
  2. The BioHarmonizerConcept, which influences the physiological and psychological effect of the bad habit.
  3. CorrectusBack, which makes possible a mental reprogramming of the bad habit to a positive habit.
  4. The protocol (objective, instrumental evidence), which illustrates the improvement after just a few meetings.

Interview – examinations – information – knowledge.

At the first meeting we have a dialogue to ascertain whether the client/patient is suitable, if he/she can benefit by my therapy, how long time it can take and what it will cost. (See: For whom).Informations and many arguments are given, so the client gets the best possibility to choose freely, thinking of both positive and negative circumstances. The client gets an understanding of his possibilities and limitations. On this level the client understands the consequences of unhealthy and healthy conducts of life, and he also understands that he/she hasn´t got the ability to carry out the self-evident. The overweight, who is used to live unhealthy, has bad health habits, gets conscious of this and understands it, but hasn´t got the ability to change from bad to new, good habits himself. On this level it´s the task of the client to understand as well as possible the physiological and psychological locking in, selfinprisonment. It´s also necessary to see the consequences of your negative actions. My task is to give overwhelming arguments in a very clear way (in words and pictures), so the client fully understands his situation.

The BioHarmonizer Concept

This means traditional acupuncture, but without needles. Examination and treatment are painless and carried out with my own instruments,
developed since the 1970s. All diseased states that can be treated with
traditional acupuncture can here be treated easier, more quickly and with objective control. Mainly this applies to functional and psychosomatic diseases. (See Products and BioHarmonizer Concept).

The Correctus Method

With CorrectusBack the client train to attain control over his mental (thought)flow. Through physical and mental relaxation you shall still, calm down and reduce the everyday (not conscious, forced upon) thought activity. The first step is to perceive the tension, which gradually cease and becomes relaxation. In his new physical and mental relaxed state the client is extremely sensible to his own autosuggestions. Here the client can shape his own life according to wishes. Here an unhealthy lifestyle with bad eating habits, drug abuse like tobacco, alcohol and suger etc can cease and be replaced by healthy habits. This should be the real starting point for athlets and artists to develop their talents.

The protocol

The protocol is a criterium, a number of checkpoints, noted at the first meeting and the tenth. The meaning of the protocol is for the client to manifest the progress in his development. The protocol states facts and avoids muddled and false mental conceptions. This is good for the client, good for me as therapist to se confirmations of my actions and that I´m not muddled. Finally it´s good for those who come after us, they can draw instructions from what we have done that is good and also from our failures. (This page in pdf)

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Habit – lifestyle
The lifestyle, behaviour, established good/bad habits are the basis for development of health and sicknesses like overweight/fatness, sleeplessness and stress.
A good conduct of life in a positive environment leads to good health, a long life och a high quality of life.
A bad conduct of life and a negative environment are conditions for the development of different diseases.
Good or bad conduct of life are based on our good/bad habits, which are easily shaped in our early age.
It´s difficult for an adult to get rid of bad habits and learn new good habits.